Breaking Ground on Diamond StreetTestosterone Cypionate Review Looking at the needs of non-profit agencies in Dare County, several things become clear. First, standing alone, facility costs are a burden on any of the agencies, rather the need be residential or office space oriented. Second, with proper planning and consideration, these needs could be addressed through a multi-use facility and be done in a fashion that will be both more financially beneficial, and also more efficient.

Given the level of interest and need, a development was planned to provide needed space in two ways. First, office space for Hot Line (spousal abuse program), the Interfaith Council, Mano al Hermano (Hispanic outreach) and Monarch (programs for the developmentally disabled) are located on the first floor. The second floor offers shared space capability that includes restrooms, a kitchen / break room and large and small conference rooms. Additionally, the Outer Banks CDC located their offices on this floor. The second space developed was residential. Six apartments were developed with individual living and bedroom areas and other space in an efficiency configuration offering some level of diversity. Additionally, laundry capability was also be provided.

Download the Revised Agency Business Plan

Applicants are only be eligible for placement if they are first referred by a helping agency (DSS, ICO, Hot Line, etc.) indicating the need. The prospective tenant must also meet income guidelines by proving they earn less than 80% of area median income.

The residential component is tightly controlled through policy and regulation. Each “tenant” enters into a lease agreement and behavioral contract that is  specific to their individual situation. Included in those documents is a goal for the leaser to establish other, more permanent accommodations. Certainly this will be an ultimate goal and may be preceded by any number of smaller goals. Also, time estimates achieving such a goal may vary dramatically for each individual based upon their personal situation.

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  • Download the CDC Revised Agency Business Plan
  • Download the 2012 Dare and Currituck Counties Housing Studies
  • Download the 2012 Hyde and Tyrrell Counties Housing Studies

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